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Ultimate Peace of Mind

Unconditional 10-Year Warranty
Each Heliocol panel is tested under extreme pressure at the fully automated production line.
The panels, the fittings and the fixing system carry an unconditional 10-year warranty. Heliocol has a unique ceramic compound in the polypropylene mould that allows running salted water & highly chlorinated water at temperature up to 80°C without affecting the durability or the warranty. Production is environmentally friendly and complies with ISO9001 and ISO14001 requirements. All other components such as pumps, valves and controllers carry at least a 2-year warranty.


  Compliance with New Zealand Solar Standard NZS2712:2007NZS-2712
As Tough As
Heliocol has been manufactured since 1978. Some of those early systems are still operating today.
A combination of the unique multi-riser panel with the special alligator fixing system allows Heliocol to withstand wind forces of up to 190 KMH. Even large birds or possums will not harm the Heliocol panel array.

 After Sales Service backed up by Solar Group
Solar Group have been leaders in the solar water heating market since 1986.
Solar Group trains and qualifies solar installers and pool professionals nationwide to ensure high standards of design and installation.
Solar Group registers customer details to maintain regular care and after sales service.
Solar Group works closely with EECA, NZ Solar Association, and Councils. It facilitates all types of funding, grants, financing or leasing to provide customers with the most attractive & affordable solar solutions.

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