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Pool Covers


Solar Group works closely with the top market leaders in swimming Pool Cover manufacturers. You will receive from us unbiased advice and competitive prices. We arrange for your pool a complete custom made cover supplied, fitted and warranted.
We offer a variety of reels both manual and automatic

Save on Water loss
A Pool Cover can save up to 10,000 litres per month. In fact the average size pool can lose one and a half times the total volume. So a 50,000 litre pool can lose 75,000 litres of water through the swimming season. Installing a Pool Cover means you don’t need to run the hose for about one hour once a week through the summer.

Save on Heat Loss
No matter how you heat your pool water a Pool Cover will help keep the warmth right where you want it – in the pool water. A thermal cover acts as a barrier between the colder air and the warmer pool water. Acting as an insulator the cover stops the natural process of hot and cold attracting each other commonly known as convection.

Save on Chemicals
A Pool Cover cuts salt and chemical use by up to 50%. A major cost of pool maintenance. No matter what form chlorine is added to the pool water it eventually returns to it’s natural state as a gas and escapes into the atmosphere. With a cover in use the gas is trapped and stays in the water longer. However as the gas accumulates and concentrates on the warmer surface, these extreme conditions increase blanket degradation. A high quality cover can withstand these extreme conditions.

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