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How does it work


Simple Process
Heliocol solar panels are installed on your roof in a sunny position.
Your pool water is pumped through hundreds of tubes in the collectors where it absorbs the sun’s heat. This heated water is then returned to the pool for your enjoyment.

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Drain Down Protection
The vacuum valve allows the water to drain down to the pool during periods of low radiation or when the pool reaches your target temperature. This mechanism prevents the possibility of boiling or frost in the solar collectors.

Fully Automated, Easy to Use
Simply set the Target Temperature and the Heliocol controller will do the rest…
It is simple to set and adjust for individual needs and comes with a bio-safe winter function.

Design Options to Suit

Solar Pump:  This is the most common configuration.
The Heliocol controller turns on the solar pump whenever heat is available. Solar pump is programmed to maximise system performance.

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Motorised Valve:  Heliocol has the lowest pressure drop of all solar panels. It often allows only the existing pool pump to circulate the pool water via the solar array.
The beauty of this configuration is the simplicity and the virtually NIL running costs.

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Combined System: Heliocol can work in conjunction with other heaters such as Gas, Heat Pump or Diesel, with no need for expensive modification or refurbishments.
The Heliocol fully automated combined controller will manage the solar activity and the auxiliary heater to minimise usage of fossil fuels and maximise your comfort.

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