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Heat Pump Pool Heating


Heat Pump Pool HeatingHeat pumps can work with solar or are an alternative to solar when roof area is not sufficient. A heat pump is similar to a domestic air conditioner or refrigerator. When it turns on, energy held in the surrounding air is absorbed into the refrigerant gas circulating through the unit. This heat is then transferred by a heat exchange process to your pool water which is also circulating through the unit. The result is pool water at exactly the temperature you require. Your trained Heliocol consultant can advise on the correct size and model heat pump to best suit your needs, budget and pool size. An assessment of the approximate running costs of your heat pump can also be provided before you make your decision.


What Can I Expect?
A Pool Heat Pump can ensure that the pool does not run cold during the swimming season. It is not ideal for out of season such as winter months, as heat pumps are less efficient in cooler temperature.
Set and forget operation, a pool owner can programme their system to have their pool at a constant temperature

Combined with Solar
When combined with Heliocol solar pool heating, it is advisable to use the advanced Heliocol V7 controller for optimum results.  The solar system can have your pool comfortable with no power costs for up to six months of the year; and the heat pump bring your pool to your desired temperature during poor weather periods.
For best results, the target temperature of the Pool Heat Pump should be approx 5 degrees lower than the target temperature of the solar system.

Installation is easy
A Pool Heat Pump will typically be installed alongside your filtration system**, with connection to your swimming pool an easy job for the installer. Not all pool heat pumps are the same, so be sure to ask about things like correct sizing, ratings, country of origin, estimated running costs, warranty, and backup service.
** subject to local government codes covering allowable noise levels

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