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Gas Pool Heating

Gas Pool Heating

Gas Pool Heaters have long been recognised as a quick and reliable pool heating system. A correctly sized gas heater can heat a domestic pool in less than 8 hours. This means you can decide this morning to have a pool party tonight, and by the time guests arrive, your pool is warm and inviting.
Not all gas pool heaters are the same, so be sure to ask about things like correct sizing, the material of the heat exchanger, kW ratings, country of origin, estimated running costs, warranty, and backup service.

Combined with Solar?
Gas Pool Heaters also work extremely well in conjunction with solar heaters. Because gas heating systems come with running costs, a well designed solar gas combination system can provide the best of both worlds – a solar system that can have your pool comfortable with no fuel costs for up to six months of the year; and a gas heater to bring your pool to your desired temperature any day of the year, regardless of weather. Your solar system will even reduce your gas costs in the middle of winter providing you with very cost effective swimming for 12 months of the year.
When combined with solar pool heating, it is advisable to use the advanced Heliocol V7 controller for optimum results.
For best results, the target temperature of the Gas Pool Heater should be approx 5 degrees lower than the target temperature of the solar system.

What Can I Expect?
Gas Pool Heaters work like a larger version of a domestic water heater. Your pool water can be heated to your required temperature 365 days of the year. Gas heaters are fast, so you are able to heat your pool at weekends, holiday times or for that special occasion and leave it turned off when you don’t need it.

Installation is easy
A Gas Pool Heater will usually be installed alongside your filtration system*, with connection to your swimming pool an easy job for the installer.
A certified gasfitter needs to install the gas supply and the valves and provide the compliance documents.

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