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Each pool is unique. Pool size, roof area, roof pitch & direction, wind exposure, sunlight exposure, season of usage, target temperature, ambient temperature, booster availability and local radiation levels are some of factors that influence the amount of energy.

This complex analysis is done using reliable and independent energy software.

The outcome of the analysis will identify the energy need month-by-month and will provide a forecast based on past 10 years weather of the % of the solar energy related to the entire energy requirements

Once the energy requirements are identified it is much easier to provide a couple of options for a solution that will meet the energy needs.Dominion Pool Graph

Carbon Emission Analysis
This analysis measures the Tons of CO2 per years saved as a result of using a solar system.
It becomes increasingly important to present this analysis when applying for environmental funding or green star rating.

Cost Benefit Analysis
Upon receiving the current energy costs, we will put together the actual $ saving.
Since the initial investment could be significant, consideration can be given to how quickly the investment will pay for itself.
Most of our successful solar pool projects show a return on investment of 3-6 years.

Cumulative Cash Flows

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