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Commercial Heat Pump Pool Heaters


Heat pumps can work with solar or are an alternative to solar when roof area is not sufficient.
The heat pump transfers the heat via a heat exchanger to the pool.
Each project needs a careful analysis to ensure that the heat pump can cope with the energy demand in the various climate conditions.  The assessment includes an approximate running cost of the heat pump in various scenarios.
A Pool Heat Pump can ensure that the pool does not run cold during the swimming season.
In areas of cold ambient temperature a careful analysis is required if the heat pump is considered to be the only heating source. Electrical grid capabilities need to be reviewed as well

When combined with Heliocol solar pool heating, it is advisable to use a single automatic controller for optimum results.
For best results, the target temperature of the Pool Heat Pump should be approx 5 degrees lower than the target temperature of the solar system.
A Pool Heat Pump will typically be installed alongside the filtration system, outdoor. Connection to the swimming pool via a heat exchanger is relatively easy . The electrical connection could be costly, depending on the existing power switches available.
Not all pool heat pumps are the same, so consider correct sizing, ratings, country of origin, estimated running costs, warranty, and backup service before committing.

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