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A few attributes will maintain a longer season at an optimal pool temperature at low cost.
A “100% Extended Season” means a system that will maximise the season for a specific pool at a specific location with particular customer temperature preference.
To achieve “100% Extended Season” the Heliocol Calculator© is used by your local Heliocol expert.

Passive Solar
The sun heating the pool directly without any mechanical assistance.
Passive solar contributes a significant amount of energy to the pool.

Passive solar is maximised when:

  • Pool is exposed to the sun with little or no shading
  • Darker pool colour, walls and bottom
  • Large & shallow pool

Heat Losses
Before adding heat to the pool, there are many ways to retain the natural heat that is already in the pool.

Some important strategies:

  • Wind shield to minimise evaporation
  • Pool enclosure to minimise black sky night convection
  • Pool enclosure to minimise black sky night radiation

Solar Pool Heating Array Sizing
Heliocol energy output per square meter is one of the highest, therefore requiring a smaller array size. As a rule of thumb, the size of the solar array should be 100% of the surface area of the pool, for most areas of New Zealand. However, the array size may need to be smaller or larger depending on the site:

  • Geographical Location
  • Roof orientation and slope
  • Roof colour
  • Roof material type

  • Shade on the roof
  • Wind exposure of the roof
  • Passive solar rate
  • Heat losses rate

The Heliocol Calculator© used by your local Heliocol expert will ensure that the size of the array is optimal for your circumstances, and you receive the best possible outcome for your investment, avoiding under-sizing or over-sizing.

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